Flexible platform for day-2 use-cases and more..

Consolidate your organization on a centralized workflow based
automation platform

Maira is a perfect platform for the platform-ops team to centralize all automation. One platform for troubleshooting, automating day-2 activities, and long-running continuous operations. It is purpose-built for ops to eliminate unnecessary toil and focus on high-value activities.

Use cases for an automation platform like Maira are limited only by your imagination. Some of them are below.

Use Cases

Alert enrichment & remediation

Automatically capture data from many sources concurrently, in real time, when an alert is received. Helps with faster routing and resolution.

Collect logs from k8s, cloudwatch for last 5 minutes, attach to alert.
Take action on security alerts received from XDR, SIEM tools, or from monitoring tools like Prometheus.

Incident / ticket lifecycle mgmt

Collaborate with stakeholders to resolve an incident or a ticket with a human-in-loop workflow. Assemble responses from team, gather updates periodically and report status to ticketing tool or slack.

Create slack channel, add users to the channel, gather status from users. Send reminder and manage escalations. Capture progress in CMS.

In service upgrade & patch

Update hardware devices in service at scale across 100s of security devices, networking hardware, servers, and VMs. Implement multi-step in-service upgrade process at scale, with fault-tolerant workflows.

Upgrade involving, pre check, multi stage upgrade, failover and post check across 100s of devices.

Eliminate known issues

Eliminate causes which are already known to cause failures, such as misconfiguration or failure of an external entity and advice customers accordingly. This can reduce an expensive escalations.

Restart pod using k8s, scale out instances using ec2, send message on kafka topic, check kafka broker configurations

Continuous cost optimization

Reduce cloud cost by using a built-in Maira workflow that scrapes all resources, puts an expiry date on them, sends a report to the user, and deletes the resources if no action is taken.

Use Maira’s built-in resource-monitoring app.

Crash monitoring

Watch for unexpected failures using a built-in Maira workflow can scrape logs at a predefined intervals, and if any stack trace is detected, and create a new issue in issue tracker or add to an existing issue.

Use Maira’s built-in crash-monitoring workflow,

Temporary access grant

Grant permission to specific resources for any cloud service to any user for a short amount of time and then audit all actions they took. This can be useful during a critical escalation without giving wide permissions permanently to a remote team.

Allow customer support team member to edit pods in a specific namespace for next 30 minutes

Retrospective debug

Recover quickly during critical outage with simple actions such as restarting a process/pod. Capture the system state with automated workflows, and root cause the issue offline using Maira's retrospective debug capability.

Restart pod using k8s with approval.. Captures system state programmatically for deep inspection at a later time..

Eliminate tribal knowledge

Easily share automation instead of creating operational documents and adhoc scripts. With Maira, the entire organization can contribute towards automation journey in easy to understand platform.

Create workflows scripts for first line operators.

Continuous compliance

Automate away periodic compliance tasks like certificate rotation, password policy violation checks etc. Generate periodic reports.

Create workflows for certificate rotation. Send email on violation.

Internal tools

Periodically collect data from multiple sources overtime and process to generate reports and take conditional human in loop actions.

Get weekly report on performance of a security tool. Based on team's policy remove false negatives and bubble up most important data in the report. Send alerts as needed.

Bring your own imagination

Maira is a robust platform for many use cases from operations to product growth. We believe this will find usage in applications we have not  imagined ourselves.

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