Develop cli oriented workflow as code

The only product that supports workflow development 'as code' and low code UI blocks.

Democratize automation

Enable developers of all skill levels, to create durable automation. Develop at your ideal abstraction level, in UI or in MPL, leveraging low-code libraries. Deploy with single slick on cloud orchestrator.


Interact with app and infra components, like k8s to elastic. Everything available as CLI, and usable in MPL. Integrate your own connectors with Maira. Leverage pre built recipes and apps.


Secure access to clusters on all sites from  Slack. Send notifications and execute Maira CLI and workflows from Slack with full access control and session states.


Fleet wide troublshooting from repl shell. Resume any old session with full program state. Retrospective debug capability for past automation runs.

Ops observability

Monitor your ops across sites. Drill down events, actions, manual sessions, and automation runs.


Fine grain access control at CLI and resource level. Provide segmented access to remote and local team members. Audit every manual and automated action.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a learning curve to get started?

Maira workflows are created and executed by MPL runner. MPL follows developer friendly Python-like syntax. Our users tell us that there is no learning curve for Python developers. Also the Non-programmers can start with creating their workflows in a low code development environment in UI. The platform generates the MPL code automatically eliminating any coding complexity for non-programmers. Essentially Maira brings the best of both worlds and is ideal for organizations with team members of all skill levels.

What are the benefits of MPL?

In an ops environment, scripts change frequently. The automation logics are dynamic that need an imperative language rather than static DAGs. For such use cases, UI or YAML-based automation is not suitable. MPL, the Domain Specific Language that powers Maira, allows using low-code CLIs in Python-like code and 2-way translation of code to blocks. These capabilities (patent pending) retain the benefits of low-code automation without sacrificing the flexibility and maintainability that comes with a high-level language. 

MPL supports interactive troubleshooting using the same CLI constructs from repl shell or Slack. This Unified automation and troubleshooting environment are huge time savers, especially in the war-room situation. Rich features like JSON filtering, command completion, and methods are built-in the language for rapid development and troubleshooting. Unlike other workflow products in the market, with Maira, developers are not limited to UI or mandated to code with a general purpose language that demands much higher skill levels. MPL enables teams of all skill levels in the organization to be productive.

See more details in this blog.

What are the benefits of a workflow platform?

Workflow is the next-generation environment for sophisticated application development. It removes the app complexity of developing a bunch of micro services, scheduling services, etc. With Maira, developers only need to express the application logic in MPL, without worrying about operations, scaling, security or resiliency.

Is there a vendor lock-in?

Maira adopts an open-core model. All our integrations and MPL interpreter are available for free with code. Operators can manually run any automation developed on Maira with the free version. We only monetize the cloud service.

How does Maira make the ops environment more secure?

Today, most of ops environments have a flat acces model. Because of this, access to clusters is limited to a small group of senior team members, thus requiring them to be on-call for all ongoing issues. With Maira, the ops team can provide segmented access to local and remote members, with fine grain access control at CLI and resource level. Each action on the cluster is recorded and can be audited from the dashboard.

We take security very seriously at Maira. The platform is developed grounds up in Golang with carefully chosen modern libraries, adopting best security practices in development and operations. We will be happy to review our architecture and internal details with your security team. We also understand cloud service is not for everyone. For them, the platform is available for deployment in their VPCs or on-prem. More details to follow.

How scalable is the service?

The team has years of experience in delivering web-scale cloud infra products. The platform is designed and developed ground up in Golang with similar performance goals. The Maira workflow orchestrator is built using Temporal, which is proven to perform at the Uber scale.

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