Built by engineers for engineers

We faced this pain in our past lives, so decided
to do something about it

In our past life, we firsthand experienced the pain of cloud operation. We observed the daily toil engineers on the frontline had to endure. When we could not find an effective solution in the market that makes automation easy to develop, maintain and operate, we embarked on this journey and built the platform that solves these problems with automated CLI-oriented low-code workflows.

About Us

We are a startup based out of Silicon Valley, California. Starting during the pandemic we are a fully remote team, working with the singular focus to bring a modern developer-friendly automation platform to the market. We understood early on that

No-one wants to operate another system to operate the system

So, everything is architected keeping in mind that we impose no operational overhead to already burdened operators. At the same time, we realized that the code developed for ops tasks must be free of external libraries and not end up being a maintenance nightmare. Hence, unlike other low-code workflow products in the market, we designed this for engineers on the frontlines, so they can benefit from the goodness of workflow but still can work with CLI and as code.

Founding Team

Ashish Ranjan

Co-Founder & CEO

Sachin Bansal

Co-Founder & Head of Engg


Jennifer Kim Lin

SVP & CPO, Trimble Inc
Ex-VP Product & UX, Google

Jakub Pavlik

SR Director of ENGG, F5 Edge
EX-CTO & Co-foUnder, TCP Cloud

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