No-code automation forCloud & Security Ops

Tackle incidents and day-2 issues at scale with Maira, the only integrated solution for human-in-loop workflows and interactive ops activities. Embrace the advantages of code and no-code through our innovative transpiler & runtime, seamlessly transcending between both approaches.

Now generate sophisticated workflows with GPT!
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Get started with free slack bot. One bot to rule all your apps

Get familiar with Maira by with our free Slack bot. The Maira bot is similar to botkube but not limited to k8s only. Access all Maira integratinons via Slack slash commands.

Authenticated slash commands with RBAC.
Repl like execution backed by stateful bot server
Full audit and drill down of all slack session
Notifications and approvals from workflows
GPT powered ops (coming soon)
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Develop in Python likeRepl environment

Automation doesn't have to compromise the interactive troubleshooting and experimentations. Execute Maira integration CLI in our repl runner. Part of paid tier. See our pricing.

Access all applications with convenient CLI completion
Create multiple session with resume and audit capability
Leverage powerful DSL features to programmatically troubleshoot without leaving the shell

Experience full power of Workflow as Code  automation platform

Maira enables engineers of all skill levels to develop and deploy stateful workflows and pipelines. Powered by Python-like DSL called MPL, now, for the first time, developers and ops can enjoy the convenience of low code in UI without sacrificing the power and agility of code. MPL includes all building blocks for creating workflows without depending on potentially tainted external packages. Combined with integration libraries and managed orchestrators, automating incident response has never been faster or easier.

Maira converges interactive troubleshooting and automation in a familiar environment. Converting interactive troubleshooting to automated workflow is super easy. For the first time, low-code workflows are expressed as 'true code,' not as complex as YAML or JSON.

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Integrations with apps you love

Remediation platform for teams

Rich set of connectors, available as CLIs, for rapid automation and interactive activities, backed by access control and retrospective troubleshooting capabilities

Durable automation

Develop and deploy fault-tolerant ops scripts and apps within an hour. Deploy them to run periodically or as triggered response to events.

Remote access

Secure and segmented access and collaboration for distributed teams via terminal, UI, and Slack. Audit all activities from all sources.

Edge site

Onboard and manage the entire fleet of edge sites, environment, and VPCs. Keep control of secrets.


Rich set of integrations available as CLI and blocks. Leverage pre-built recipes and apps.

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How it works


Connect sites to Maira controller

Configure the Maira gateway for tunneled access your apps like k8s, Datadog etc. Post events to Maira controller in cloud or on-prem to trigger workflows


Access edge clusters through CLIs

Use ops friendly CLIs for manual troubleshooting and monitoring.


Develop workflow

Develop workflows in your favorite IDE, repl or with workflow builder in UI. Leverage library of pre-built workflows.

What experts say about us

Here are some of the testimonials we received.

Maira's DSL based approach uniquely converges interactive ops activities with workflow automation. It enables both programmers and non-programmers to contribute to the automation journey.

Maxim Fateev

There is no learning curve with Maira for a Python developer.

Jakub Pavlik
Director of Engineering, F5 Edge

Day 2 operations is becoming increasingly important for companies who are deploying mission-critical production workloads to the cloud. Maira’s unique low-code approach helped our DevSecOps team to quickly create playbooks which lets us monitor our global production systems with ease.

Satish Mohan
Co-founder/CTO, Airgap Networks

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